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Meg-E began in 2003 as a way for Megan Elizabeth to pass the time during study hall each night while attending Saint Mary’s boarding school in North Carolina. Always a very creative child, it was a no brainer that she would do or create something fabulous during that time, only when she finished her studies of course. The Meg-E brand began with her unique hand-painted key chains, each finished with a precisely tied bow to match. Before she knew it, her custom creations were noticed by all and quickly became a perfect bespoke gift for any occasion... Meg-E was born!

Meg-E went on to attend Sweet Briar College where she continued to fulfill orders for her custom key chains each night in her dorm room (dorm living is customary at SBC). You could find Meg-E during the lunch hour where she would have her table display set for all to see new key chains & designs available for purchase and also a great and convenient way for her fellow students to place their custom orders. It wasn't long before Meg-E Key Chains were a popular and chic accessory among SBC ladies and were seen on nearly all campus keys rings as well as at many other college and boarding schools across the country. This is when Meg-E officially became Meg-E Bespoke.

The creativity of Meg-E remained a dorm room business until college graduation, constantly growing and taking over her room more and more each day.

Since college, Meg-E gets inspiration from wherever she may be for a minute, a month or a couple of years as she loves to travel and has moved around a bit too. Raised in her beloved Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, she had not been back to her stomping grounds for a while. She has loved and lived in some amazing places including New Jersey, New York & Republic of Panama. Recently, she found her way home to settle in North Carolina again where she is focusing on taking Meg-E Bespoke to the next level.

"Sealed With a Kiss" custom Gift Tags are her most recent addition in expanding the Meg-E product line for all to see! And get!

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Your Name: SAMPLE
Mailing Address: SAMPLE
Key Chain #1: SAMPLE - The Key Chain below reflects the outcome from this SAMPLE ORDER.
Please provide as much detail as possible: If text is included, please specify or give example of desired font.
  • Background Color: #8
  • Detail Specifics: Initials MEM (Font: Courier New)
  • Detail Color: Initials color #38
  • Detail Specifics: Polka Dots in different colors all over background
  • Detail Color: Polka Dots #4, #22, #28, #47, #31
  • Detail Specifics: If possible could you include sporadic tiny rhinestones in various colors all over?
  • Any other detail: I would like the initials to appear large and take up the majority of one side. If the text could go over the polka dots, where they appear in the background that would be great. I am open to gem and bow color, please determine what you think looks best. Thank you!

Key Chain #2: If more than one Key Chain is ordered at one time, please repeat the template above.

Thank you for your interest in my Meg-E Bespoke products. Please be sure to return to my blog frequently, as I am always busy updating it with my most recent creations... you may see your custom Meg-E order appear one day.


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